About Us

Dreamt up in late 2017 and launched in January 2018 by Skye Kelly-Barrett, Roar is a unique art & illustration agency representing a carefully curated selection of the most talented artists worldwide, both established and emerging, within the creative industry. From illustration, animation, fine art, to live drawing and murals, we have the most epic and talented roster around.

At Roar, we believe the artist should always come first, and we pride ourselves on our long-lasting relationships with our artists, working as both an agent and mentor to help nurture both the artists’ creative career, as well as supporting their personal development - we want to make sure all of our artists are reaching their potential, progressing both personally and professionally along the way.
Client satisfaction is important to us, and a successful project is a win not only for the client, but for our artists and the agency too.

What We Do

Looking for a particular style or discipline for your next project? Take a look at what our artists can do for you.

Meet The Team

Skye Kelly Barrett
Skye is the founder and CEO of The SVKB group, which includes Roar; an artist agency and Skye Victoria Projects (SVP); a creative consultancy and events company working in the creative sector. When not furiously typing emails with many, many typo’s she enjoys travelling, hanging out with George (the Dog) and eating all the snacks.
Skye Kelly-Barrett (She/Her)
Founder & CEO
Sally Paley
Sally joined the Roar team with a contact book brimming with names from across the publishing, TV, editorial, fashion and commercial art worlds. Part-geek, part-creative, she manages commissions like a pro while using her keen visual eye to develop and expand our roster. She loves sharing tips on London's best art exhibitions, charity shops and restaurants but has terrible taste in TV.
Sally Paley (She/Her)
Creative Agent
Karina Brace
Karina is Creative Assistant at Roar. In her own words, ‘the best part of my job is exploring new worlds and souls everyday. Art to me is this wonderful expression of self which brings; life, history, vibrancy, understanding and stories untold to a sometimes gloomy world’. Outside of work Karina enjoys life with a cocktail in hand (with a mandatory funky umbrella and/or sparkler.
Karina Brace (She/Her)
Creative Assistant
George the office dog
We are a dog friendly workplace and we have a relatively large dog who is often lounging in the office under our desks or on the sofa. His name is George and he is a fox red Labrador (half working, half show, so he is slightly bigger than most gun dog-based labs) who loves a face lick and a crafty croissant.
Office Manager
Raor Grant emblem

The Roar Grant

Roar Illustration Agency was founded on the idea of creating a place to support artists and their careers, so we have decided to take that one step further by setting up the Roar Grant.

Agents for Change emblem

Agents for change

We are proud to be a part of Agents For Change, a collective of illustration artists’ agents brought together by Grand Matter. Together, we work towards a more diverse creative industry, whilst also holding each other accountable in all that we do.

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