Ari Liloan as Xbox Social Impact Pride Month Artist

Ari Liloan had the incredible honour of creating art for Pride month 2023 on behalf of X-Box. In Ari’s own words: ‘with the theme "Unapologetic" for Pride I immediately had the image of an unravelling knot of ribbons in mind, celebrating the unapologetic diversity within LGBTQIA+ community. The iridescent texture is a reinterpretation of the classic rainbow which allows the mix and match of other flags. There is a lot of division even within the movement, in the current political landscape, and the ribbons are my way of framing the complexity within our community as a gift.’ Thanks so much to Art Director Charles Johnson from Palette Group for this amazing opportunity. We are so in awe of Ari who continually manages to produce such beautiful, authentic pieces!

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