Ari Liloan for The Washington Post

'For professors, an AI identity crisis'

In this interesting article for The Washington Post's 'Friday Opinion', Molly Roberts explores the new and complex relationship between teachers, professors and lecturers within schools and universities and AI, specifically Chat GBT, the most popular tool amongst students it seems.

'What are we here for anyway?' this AI industry disruptor has certainly caused a stir in educational facilities and has led to complications in cheating and plagiarism as with one click a student can have a whole essay written for them, only a little proof reading required (or, perhaps a lot of proof reading as it is 'poor at creating long segments of text that are both topical and personal').

What does Chat GBT mean for the future of educators and students alike and does it remove our curiosity? Does it take away our opportunities for learning? Does it aim to replace educators and if this is the case will students take in the information or simply copy and paste? 

Ari Liloan has taking this complex and ever growing story and created a whole new universe in which AI and humans are visually blended. It beautifully and cleanly shows the budding relationship between AI and humans and how the interaction naturally seems to take place. A creator of new worlds herself Ari smashed the brief! How incredible is this piece!

Take a look at this very thought provoking piece via The Washington Post here.

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