Dan Mumford for Dead & Read

Dead & Read breaths life back into classic literature through merging the classic tales with metal and music poster inspired visuals and illustrations.

The brilliant Sam who runs the Max Minerva's bookshops in Bristol got in touch with us in February asking Dan Mumford to bring his epic illustration style to three classic horror stories; Frankenstein, In a glass darkly and The turn of the screw.

Not only will these books be released in a limited run, you will also be able to purchase them as a t-shirt or print, it's bringing the rock and roll to literature and we love it! Putting up a book cover as a poster is an epic idea and we love the idea of bringing the classics this new and cool lease of life! Like wearing a T for your favourite band or movie, you can showcase your epic book collection, OBSESSED!

These covers are incredible and we can't wait to get our hands on a print of each of them for our wall! 

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