Jess Ebsworth for The New York Times

The brilliant Jess Ebsworth was commissioned this week to create a gorgeous banner for The New York Times newest article exploring the impact of processed foods on our mental and physical health.

'Eating packaged foods like cereal and frozen meals has been associated with anxiety, depression and cognitive decline. Scientists are still piecing together why'

In this very interesting article the writer explores the rapid increases in ultra-processed foods being placed on the shelves of American supermarkets, and how their tasty, reasonably priced and convenient nature keeps their consumers 'addicted' to these meal that pose negative health implications on their bodies and potentially their minds.

Jess was tasked with bringing this article to life and blending all these complicated elements of the debate together into one cohesive story.

You can delve into this topic through The New York Time website here.

A huge thank you to Art Director Deanna for collaborating with us for this article!

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