Jess Ebsworth for The New York Times

'New York's Weed Rush Is Here. They Came to Cash In'.

'For generations, entrepreneurs and dreamers have moved to New York City to strike it big. Now they’re coming to sell a lot of cannabis'.

In this article for The New York Times, Jamie Lowe writes about the partnership 'in romance and business' between a pastry chef and mental health organisation professional and how they started a business selling 'gourmet' edibles and 'another level' weed based deserts in Tampa Florida. 'The uber eats' of weed based food deliveries their business grew particularly through the pandemic, until they moved to New York in order to develop the business in this growing market.

The incredible Jess Ebsworth was asked by NYT to illustrate this industrious change and growing interest of New York in the business of weed since its recreational use became legal in 2021.

You can check out this article and Jess's gorgeous work here.

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