Suzi Kemp for The Technology Review

'I'm a beaver. You're a beaver. We are beavers all'

When we got this commission request from our pal Eric Mongeon at MIT Technology Review we just knew this one was going to be epic.

Beavers AND Suzi Kemp, this is an absolute dream!

Suzi created a selection of gorgeous little spots to sit alongside the article 'I’m a beaver. You’re a beaver. We are beavers all'.

The article shares amazing facts about MIT’s ingenious mascot and is written by William Miller. Fun fact (and our fave illustration by Suzi) did you know that after humans and dogs, beavers have the most parachute jumps on record. In 1948, 76 beavers parachuted into a remote area of Idaho as part of a relocation program. Using surplus World War II parachutes, they descended in boxes that automatically opened upon landing.

You can find Suzi's adorable creations and read the whole article over on The Technology Reviews website here.

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